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‘Nowey Discovers is a very interesting and engaging book to read with your children. It’s a perfect read for summer. Nowey Discovers encourages children to go outside and explore  nature. The book has so many interesting facts about of various wild inhabitants like wood ducks, pileated woodpecker and newt to name a few. I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading the book to my 5 year old. She loves nature and animals so “Nowey Discovers” gets a big thumbs up from her. I am definitely going to pack this book with us for our next camping trip.’–NB, of MS


‘Nowey, Bungy and the Blue Glow is a perfect book to read at bed times with your children. My children love mysteries and adventures so they just love the book. We read it together under our blanket and had so much thrilling fun throughout the book. The book reminds me of fairy tales that i used read as a child. It refreshed my childhood memories, when i used to wake up in the middle of the night and look outside for some adventures. I am sure children can l relate to Nowey’s story and imagine themselves in her place, the book will take them into a fun filled  adventurous trip with it. Highly recommended for those kids who love legends, adventures and mysteries. Its going to be one of our favorite night time read now onward.’–NB, of MS