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MJ LaCroix

MJ LaCroix drew inspiration for her Nowey series from the many adventures she enjoyed as child growing up in the woods outside her home in Petersham, Massachusetts. She writes essays, creative nonfiction, and children’s stories. Her love of writing and books began with winning a spelling bee in elementary school. The prize, one of the Nancy Drew mystery series, instilled a natural curiosity about mystery and illusion. Still drawn to wild places, LaCroix resides in north central Massachusetts, in a forest.


Creator’s Helper:

J LaCroix is a graphic designer and photographer. She has always had a passion for art and her work aspires to be both functional and eye-catching. Jane earned her BS degree in Communications Media. When she’s not designing or shooting, She can be found hiking a new trail, cooking up a new recipe, or hanging out with friends. Originally from east coast, J LaCroix now resides in the Los Angeles area.